It's always fun to find a refuge for different animals. Back home in Kentucky, we had a bison refuge down by the lakes, near the Tennesse border. My parents have camped in that area for years, and I've always loved going to the refuge there. It's funny now that I see bison so often that it's not as appealing, but still neat in general.

There's a refuge for elk in Jackson that got some love on social media recently. And just looking at the area and how many elk are in that particular area, it's awe-amazing. I know I mentioned seeing bison has been spoiled, but seeing elk really hasn't. Does that make sense? Probably not. But, during the winter months, it's just fun to see these elk living their lives in giant herds.

See the video for yourself here.


That's a whole bunch of elk! Did you see how giant the one elk's antlers were? I feel like it's at least 6 feet wide. I know that's probably a stretch, but still! They're really long, as well.

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How great is that scene for the elk? I mean, if I were an elk, I'd be all about this elk refuge life. Looks like they're enjoying themselves, just eating in a snowy field. They also have an awesome backdrop of the mountains behind them that they probably appreciate the visuals of less than we do.

This is pretty much my favorite thing to look at on social media. For all their faults, TikTok has great videos of wildlife.

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