Perhaps this pandemic has brought us a little clarity.

Let me preface this by saying no one would ever ask for another pandemic. The fear, the uncertainty, the loss of loved ones... it's just awful. However, as we navigate these tough times, I can't help but be thankful for a reminder of what's most important in life.

Sometimes I feel like we float through life without any real direction or motivation. We look forward to some things, but when it comes to chasing after what we truly want, we just save it for another day. This pandemic has definitely taught me that life is way too short and if there is something I want, I have to take action. Whether it be chasing these wild dreams that are in my heart or simply spending more quality time with my husband.

According to a recent survey, I'm not alone.

As it turns out, 70 percent of Americans have gained a new perspective on what really matters in life. Those surveyed by Nathan's Famous said that, since the pandemic, they are putting more value on dinner with their family, calls with loved ones, and quality conversations. 64 percent say that their love for their partner, family and friends grew more than ever. A whopping 73 percent said that showing that love is absolutely paramount.

The survey even asked respondents about Valentine's Day.

It looks like a lavish getaway with rose petals and a fancy dinner prepared by a private chef is our the window. 70 percent say that the little gestures of love each day far outweigh a big ado on Valentine's Day. Those gestures include making dinner, taking care of the grocery shopping or even just filling up the car with gas.

So maybe KISS this Valentine's Day... You know, "keep it simple, stupid."

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