Semper Fi Marines! Happy birthday! 245 years ago the United States Marine Corps was spawned right along side the birth of our nation. Ever since then, you "Devil Dogs" have been fighting for our country in every conflict we have faced.

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A key piece of the Marine Corps birthday celebration includes a cake cutting in celebration of the corps. While there is no exact format the general script involves cutting the cake with a Mameluke sword which gets it name from the cross hilt and ivory grip design and its use in Marine Corps dates back to 1805. The first piece of cake is generally given to the guest of honor and the second piece of cake goes to the oldest Marine present. The oldest Marine will often pass the cake to the youngest Marine to symbolize the passing of knowledge and experience.

Now, I am not going to try cutting a cake with a sword. But, as a token of my appreciation, I felt the need to share this tribute video with everyone. A rocking song from a band made entirely of Marines.

 The eagle born to those who pledged their lives and sacred honor was smiled upon by God and freed from chains and iron collar. He is held aloft on unity and by history revered; for preserving peace through strength his wings now reach across two hundred years. But for each of those and one year more, God has smiled upon The Corps, from the Barbary Coast to the Eastern Sand, by sword, by gun, or by bare hand. So it's been, and shall be weighed: though many are born, few are "made". Faithful Always, they shall remain, dogs to loose when war is waged.



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