Lifetime may have outdone themselves with this mini-movie.

We know that lifetime is known for some pretty overly-dramatic movie. The acting isn't always the best, the production value may be low, and the storyline may have some major holes in it however, we can't look away. We'll ladies and gentlemen, get ready to have your eyes glued to this one.

"A Recipe for Seduction" premieres December 13 on Lifetime.

Judging the KFC is one of the presenters, we're willing to bet this is a shameless way to sell more chicken. KFC is known for their tongue-in-cheek humor in their commercials so it makes complete sense that they would really go for it with a Lifetime Original Mini-Movie. Throw in Mario Lopez and it's a full-on 11-herbs-and-spices party.

And it looks very dramatic.

The synopsis is that a new cook named Harland Sanders (played by Lopez) begins work at a fancy mansion. He catches the eye of the family's heiress daughter whose mother has selected a slimy suitor for her. This infuriates her mother, who may have ulterior motives for pushing her daughter onto another man despite her love for Harland. What happens next is a series of the mother's devious plans to spoil any chance of her daughter and Harland living happily ever after.

Sounds interesting doesn't it? I was totally invested in the story until I remembers it's about KFC. Honestly, I wouldn't have believed this was real if they hadn't released the trailer for it.

See for yourself and tell us if you'll watch below...

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