This doesn't exclude women, does it?

Ladies and gentlemen, McRib is back! McDonald's decided to bring back the iconic favorite nationwide for the first time in years. And while people are almost throwing their money through the drive-thru window to get one, some can actually have one delivered to them for free.

Yep... free.

All you have to do is show McDonald's your clean-shaven face. According to a press release, McDonald's with give out a code to the first 10,000 baby-faced people to redeem for a free McRib via the McDelivery with UberEats. It's fitting since many people participated in No Shave November... Or, if we're being honest, No Shave 2020.

Even those who can't grow facial hair (ahem, women), can still share a photo on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #Shave4McRibSweepstakes and tagging @mcdonalds. Thank goodness because I was about to send a photo of my legs to McDonald's, even though that's a little scandalous. I mean, women also participate in No Shave November. When you wear pants every day, what's the point of shaving?

Sorry, TMI.

Now, if you aren't one of the first 10,000 people to snag a McRib code, you can still purchase a McRib. In fact, McDonald's is paying it forward with every McRib purchase by donating to the No-Shave November organization. This charity provides research, teaches prevention and offers education on cancer.

For McRib fanatics, the saucy sandwich is only back for a limited time. The last time it was on the menu nationwide was back in 2012. It first made its debut in 1982. My question is why isn't this a staple?

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