Memorial Day weekend is known for being a BBQ holiday, so I am doing my part to go above and beyond just cremating hot dogs and burgers. Im going to try something a little more interesting this memorial day weekend. But, after doing a little research on the web, I have discovered a BBQ dish that has me in complete AWE.

I recently inherited a smoker from a friend. It is a vintage refrigerator that has been converted into a meat smoker. I have instantly fell in love with my smoker, as am looking for anything I can to cook in it. So for this Memorial Day weekend, We are going to try something different.

Earlier this week, I  came across a YouTube video from a channel called "Smoked Meat with Jef." One of Jef's videos, looks so  awesome I can't even imagine how good it is going to taste. It is a "Mac n Cheese Stuffed Meatloaf wrapped in bacon."


I mean "C'MON!!" It should be your patriotic duty to try this recipe over the long weekend. Meatloaf, stuffed with Mac and Cheese AND wrapped in delicious BACON! In the words of the infamous Austin Powers villain, Fat Bastard, "GET IN MY BELLY!!"

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