The Wyoming Department of Transportation will be joining other state and local agencies in supporting the multi-state "Rally in the Rockies" military training exercise which will be taking place this fall.

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The exercise takes place in Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming, and they will be using a variety of cargo and fighter aircraft, along with ground crews from other service branches.

In support of this, WYDOT and the Wyoming Highway Patrol will be closing U.S. /Wyoming Highway 789 between Rawlins and Lamont to all traffic from about 6-9 am on September 13.

All motorists planning to take this route that morning are advised to plan an alternate route or travel time to avoid delays from the closure.

Motorists may see military presence along the highway both before and after the exercise takes place, along with low-flying aircraft that will likely be visible near Rawlins and Guernsey, among other areas.

The training exercise is not open to the public, and there will not be any public parking or services at or near the training site.

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