When this kid got a little greedy with the tooth fairy, the tooth fairy got creative with her response.

As a kid, I remember the excitement of finding a prize under my pillow after losing a tooth. Sometimes it would be a rare two-dollar bill or silver dollar, other times it was a cool little toy. My parents were super creative and always kept us guessing. It was so fun.

One thing I never did though, was ask for more.

That's what 8-year-old Hallister Senn in Waco, Texas recently did. According to ABC News, after receiving one dollar for his hard-earned tooth, he decided tot write a letter to the tooth fair and ask for a raise. Hallister demanded five dollars per tooth.

Dear Tooth Fairy, I want a five dollar bill or hire, besides I worked so hard to pull it out. From Hallister. Here's your dollar. Have it under my pillow by afternoon.

His mom, Elizabeth, could have broke character here but she decided to let her inner tooth fairy respond to Hallister. She identified herself as Dee Kay, an associate of Tooth Fairy, and that she had been assigned to his case. She then told him how bold it was for him to ask for more money however, there would be some standards he would have to meet.

This is where it gets genius!

Dee Kay told Hallister that they would not be able to pay him $5 per tooth, but they could offer him a $1 increase in Tooth Pay Out, if the tooth is cavity free. Should Hallister present a tooth with a cavity, they would instead leave him a bill for their travel expenses. She then explained to him that if they were to bring back a CFT (cavity-filled tooth), then the Central Tooth Officer would have to shut down their department and no kids will receive any money for their teeth moving forward.

By the way, the CTO is named S. Cary Gums in this story.

I'm willing to bet that this kid is now super motivated to keep his teeth clean and healthy so that he can present cavity-free teeth. Little Hallister will probably spend more time in the bathroom, willingly brushing his teeth. Brilliant!

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