According to recent data by QuoteWizard, there were 5,579 motorcycle fatalities in 2020 in the United States, which was the highest number ever recorded. According to the survey, the number does not seem like it will decline. In fact, preliminary estimates indicate that once the 2021 totals are tabulated, motorcycle deaths will pass 6,000.

Motorcycle Deaths in Wyoming Have Increased.

For Wyoming specifically, QuoteWizard found that motorcycle fatalities have increased by 27% since 2019. A total of 19 motorcycle riders were killed in 2020 in Wyoming.

Factors of Motorcycle Deaths in Wyoming

Alcohol, climate, and helmet use were found to be the three main factors of motorcycle fatalities. Although warmer, southern states have the highest rates of motorcycle fatalities, 32% of 2020's motorcycle fatalities had alcohol involved, and Wyoming has the highest number of fatal crashes where someone was legally or severely intoxicated.

Breaking Down Wyoming's Motorcycle Fatality Data

Below are the data for Wyoming's motorcycle fatalities involving alcohol for the year 2020 from the survey.

  • 58% of fatalities with BAC over 0.01
  • 53% of fatalities with BAC over 0.08 (legally impaired)
  • 37% of fatalities with BAC over 0.15 (severely impaired)

Despite many states not requiring helmets when riding a motorcycle, a study shows that DOT-approved helmet reduces the risk of head injury by 69% and the risk of death by 42%. Because helmets are not required in most states, helmet use has declined by four percentage points nationwide, and it is steadily declining, especially in areas with the highest number of fatalities. The study also found that riders would less likely to wear a helmet when they have a passenger.

For more information on the survey, click here.

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