Ok, so lets collectively take a breath for a second. Do you feel better? Probably not, but of all the things 2020 has taken from us, it’s looking like we may get Mountain West Football, and more importantly, Pokes football. That’s at least what’s been reported by Brett McMurphy. 

Thursday, let’s get cautiously optimistic. We’ve had a couple weeks to see how College Football is going for the other universities across the country that were able to play, and it seems...ok? I mean, it’s not the loud, high energy spotlights we’re use to with fans filled in the stands, screaming at the top of their lungs. Though, for Clemson to have a reduced stadium over the weekend, they were pretty loud, and nicely spread out. I’m not going to sit here and act like I wouldn’t mind not having someone I didn’t know sitting next to me. That’s pretty cool. BUT, that’s going to be what we’ll get, as long as everything goes correctly, and Gov. Gordon decides how many fans we can pack into War Memorial Stadium. 

Let’s go ahead and agree that September may be the most onward looking month we’ve had since February. I mean, August was so doom and gloom that we were all shocked and stunned with conferences postponing their seasons to the spring, September has been a warm welcome, ok, you can come in the club, kind of situation. And that is the best we’re getting at the moment, so we’ll take it.  

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