We live in a very transitory state, and moving comes with the job and career path.

Being in broadcasting is like being in the military. We have moved so much it's hard to even keep track of the moves and the cities. We just moved to Cheyenne from Wasilla, Alaska. A hearty distance across the tundra. Our household belongings were picked up in late December, arrived in Seattle 1/12 and made it to Cheyenne on 1/20. We are suppose to take delivery of our household goods this Friday. (Knock on wood)

Moves are a pain in the carcass, no matter if they are around the block or around the country. You either do it yourself, which has its limitations, or have a long distance mover handle the debacle. Planning helps, though--we were smart enough to plan and have almost all of the move fall into place. Be prepared for all of the little headaches and remember Jack Daniels is your friend.