Would you like your food to taste better? Add some Taylor Swift songs – A new study identifies songs that make food taste better... but one artist ruins it all.

Psychologists have discovered an effect they call 'digital seasoning.' They asked 700 volunteers to eat while listening to different kinds of music and found the volunteers judged their food as tastier when it was paired by certain kinds of music.

Taylor Swift's Blank Space is the perfect match for your Chinese takeout and you might want to blast some Pavarotti when eating pasta. Indie music is ideal for spicy food, while jazz is great for Thai and sushi. But Justin Bieber seemed to spoil meals for those taking part in the study.

Professor Charles Spence, an experimental psychologist at Oxford University, has found that some music genres can make specific foods taste better.

He has even suggested that food takeaway service could start including CDs in their deliveries to help enhance the experience for their customers.

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