Yellowstone National Park says their current communications infrastructure cannot handle all of the smartphone and mobile device traffic. So The National Park Service is considering a plan to expand the capacity of cell towers in developed areas of Yellowstone National Park. Verizon Wireless seeks to improve the capacity at Old Faithful, Grant, Canyon and Lake Village areas.

Yellowstone Branch Chief of Telecommunications Bret De Young says the proposal doesn't expand the cellular coverage area in the park, which is intentionally limited to the frontcountry and around developed areas.

The project proposed would add only a single physical cell tower. If approved they would only add one physical cellphone tower, which would be located in the Canyon area.

If a teenager takes a selfie in a national park and no one sees it, did it really happen?” Does Yellowstone need this or should it be off grid? Should these natural areas be for getting in touch with nature and yourself or have you maintaining your social media status? This, is progress(?).

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