Do you need someone to take care of your pets after being swept up in the rapture on Judgement Day?

There's a group of atheists who claim they will look after you dog or cat when you're gone.

Most Rapture experts say that when the faithful go to Jesus, their pets will stay on Earth with the non-believers. That’s where Bart Centre, a pet lover and atheist, comes in. For 110 dollars, he and his network of pet rescuers, all confirmed atheists, will go to your house in the event of the Rapture, rescue your dog, cat or other pet, and care for it for the rest of it's life or until the end of the world, whichever comes first.

The idea for his business, Eternal Earthbound Pets, began as a joke between friends, but Centre says he recognized a business opportunity and is now dead serious. He just signed up his 100th client. Centre, who wrote a book on atheism called The Atheist Camel Chronicles, thinks the Rapture is bunk, which means the $11,000 he’s collected so far is easy money. But he says he’s not doing anything unethical by capitalizing on a belief he does not share.

“Lots of people say this is a scam, but I am not promoting the Rapture. I did not come up with the Rapture doctrine,” says Centre, a 61-year-old retired retail executive who lives in New Hampshire. “If you believe in it, and you’re concerned about your pets, I’m here to help you.”

Since his website,, went live in June of 2010, Centre says he has received about 4,000 e-mails.