If you think about a worthy organization that deserves your help and monetary donations, make sure you look into Needs Inc Food Pantry. A quick look at their website will show you the impact that they have made on Laramie County. Their 2019 numbers are astonishing, they fed over 14,000 residents, clothed over 25,000, gave out 350 Thanksgiving dinner boxes and 425 Christmas dinner boxes.

Now, Needs Inc needs our help, they have a walk-in cooler that is 20 years old and beyond repair. They are needing to raise $25,000 by September to purchase a new cooler/freezer that will have the ability to take pallets of food donations in and out. As I'm writing this, they are at $2,145 raised. The new cooler will be twice the size of the current one AND will allow them to store more food to feed more people. Here's some more info from their Facebook donation page.

Cheyenne-we need your help! The walk in cooler/freezer at Needs Inc. is over 20 years old-although it is still operational it is leaking and will not make it much longer! As the pandemic continues to impact our community, the need for our services continues to increase! We are working on raising $100,000 for a new & larger walk in cooler/freezer. This is an essential item to keep feeding our friends and neighbors in Laramie County! Please help us raise 25% of the funds needed before our cooler/freezer are no longer working!

If you would like to help out Needs Inc. Food Pantry and donate to their cooler/freezer fund, you can do it on their Facebook Donation page here. Let's help the ones that help out so many so they can keep their mission moving forward.

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