I'm a sucker for a good bar and grill. You know, just the basics, wings, burgers, fries, salad to make you feel guilty. That's my favorite spot to enjoy lunch or maybe football Sundays. I heard word yesterday that a brand new bar and grill just opened in Cheyenne, near the Lincolnway/Pershing Blvd intersection, so I had to check it out. I'm glad I did! Welcome Pour Decisions Bar & Grill.

My wife and I decided to give it a shot yesterday after we discovered the new eatery was open. It's in the old Pizza Hut location just off Lincolnway, next to Outlaw Liquors at 4503 Western Way. You walk in and everything is nice and new with a large bar, where we took a seat. we opened the menu and it took us back east to our hometown. It's just straight bar food and we loved it. They also might have the best wings either of us have had since moving to Cheyenne. They're nice sized wings with what tastes like Franks Red Hot. Perfection.

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They had plenty of TVs in the place to watch the game if you wanted. They put soccer on for us since we asked really nicely, so we could get our Euros 2020 fill in. If you wanted a libation, since it's a bar and grill, they have a pretty good selection.

How cool is that logo? It makes you want to check it out even more! Overall, I'm very happy with my experience at the new Cheyenne bar and grill. It's something that we really needed, nice bar food at affordable prices. Way better than another fast food place or a new bank.

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