Downtown got a little more chic as a brand new storefront opened off Lincolnway. Indigo Buffalo Turquoise opened its doors at 220 West Lincolnway in Downtown Cheyenne. The new boutique-style store describes itself as "Cheyenne’s first and only genuine Native American jewelry dealer. Specializing in turquoise and sterling silver".

This is really cool for the new storefront to hit Cheyenne. Also, good for them to open just before thousands of people flock to the Capital City with Cheyenne Frontier Days just days away from kicking off at Frontier Park. They're in good company with The Crooked Cup being in the same area. They should get plenty of exposure.

According to a Facebook post by Downtown Cheyenne, Indigo Buffalo Turquoise's owner, Emily, is a life long Cheyenne resident, and the store was online only for the past couple of years.

With the way that 2020 went, it's really nice to see several nice boutique stores popping up in Downtown Cheyenne. Especially with the number of tourists making their way to town to spend money at these shops. It really is an awesome sign that more and more businesses want to come and open shop in Cheyenne.

If you want a sneak peak at what Emily's new store has to offer, you can check out her Etsy shop here. There's plenty of trendy items that you can check out, then go to her storefront Downtown and see them for yourself. There's nothing like going to a store and actually getting to see what you saw online and know how it looks on you before you snag it.

Clearly, Cheyenne is open for business.

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