We have news stories on new Census data. Wyoming lost residents. Should that be a big deal in an energy downer? Maybe we should be glad it was only 1,054 for the period July 2015 to July 2016.

Here's an interesting tidbit. Wyoming Economic Analysis shows just 42 percent of current residents were born in the state. That might be a surprise to many of us. With the third-lowest percentage of native borns in the country, the Cowboy state is behind only Nevada and Washington, D.C.

Actually, it's not so abnormal about 5 percent of Wyoming’s population comes and goes every year. See what's really normal here.

Our slight drop in humanity can’t be just from 8 percent of the workforce being in energy. Maybe in Casper someone said, “I’m out of here,” the night it dropped to -31 degrees, but we also have plenty of sunshine in Wyoming, with 5 percent more intense UVs per 1000 feet above sea level. (And we're at 6,000 = 30 percent more intense.)

I'm no expert demographic analyst, but different geographies and their people have always fascinated me. I've lived in so many areas around our country, and not one I never came to know and love. For a couple, it was love at first sight, like Wyoming.

The only thing I'll say now is that I have had enough of the highly populated.

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