The Lincoln Theater is now a music venue and everyone has a backstage pass Friday night. The Lincoln just announced their first open house since taking over the historic building in May.

Backstage All-Access Pass Night will include a free public tour of the recent renovations and a chance to "snoop around previously off-limits areas". The Lincoln Theater has been a Cheyenne institution for nearly 90 years. Since 1929, the legendary venue has hosted more than two million people, including a future President and many of Hollywood's biggest stars.

The Lincoln is the latest project from downtown developers Jon and Renee Jelinek, who also own the Majestic and Paramount buildings, and purchased the building through their foundation, The Alternative Arts Project.

Along with the public showing, The Lincoln is also trying to track down the original owner of a 50-year-old photo they found during the renovations. The picture was taken in 1968 of a kindergarten student named Tommy who gave it to his mother. Tommy would now be 56. Perhaps Tommy will show up at the open house on Friday night to claim his photo.

Courtesy of The LIncoln
Courtesy of The Lincoln


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