When I first heard rumor of Ubisoft developing a game centered in Montana, I thought “WOW, that would be RAD to have a game centered around our geographic location!” I guess I was kind of in disbelief that it would actually happen. But, HERE IT IS!!!! What I can guess will soon be my new favorite game. Far Cry 5 announcement trailer has officially launched and it really hits “close to home.”

Lots of people speculated that the game would involve some sort of militia, extremists or religious cult. From the looks of the new trailer, it is going to be all of the above.

According to IGN

You play a sheriff’s deputy caught up in a war between the US Marshal Service and Hope County’s resident cult leader, Joseph – a man who believes he’s been chosen to protect his followers from a government collapse he believes to be imminent.

This game is going to be OUTSTANDING! And, being based in nearby Montana, I get this feeling that the geography of the game is going to remind us all of the Cowboy State.

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