Boulder, Colorado has always had its high-end, wealthy residents. But lately, it seems those of modest means are being squeezed out with store closures of those stores they can afford to shop at.

“When Walmart announced it would close its Boulder Neighborhood Market, much of Boulder cheered. A Daily Camera story on the planned exit drew dozens of gleeful comments on Facebook, and a handful of individuals came out on closing day to celebrate its demise."

Gone are Walmart, Savers thrift store, Dollar Tree, and Tuesday Morning, leaving low-income people with much higher prices or a trip to Longmont. A local thrift-store said since 2014, a good part of their base of shoppers has dropped off and are moving to Broomfield or Longmont.

"Wal-mart opened a small grocery store called Boulder Neighborhood Market, which had great prices, and was met with demonstrators picketing outside. They didn't picket Trader Joe's or Whole Foods when they opened stores."

- Tammy P.

With a booming economy and property values going up, it's a  sad story for low-income residents in “The People’s Republic Of Boulder.’

"the millionaires are getting pushed out by the billionaires."

- G. Dobbin

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