I’ve been so wrapped up in trying to find random College Football games on TV, that I almost forgot to watch the Nuggets game last night. Almost. I wasn’t rewarded for my great memory with that performance, either. But, there is plenty of time left in the series to make some magic happen and hey, the Avs looked AWESOME the other night to tie up the series with the Stars. 

As I was mentioning, The Nuggets had a rough go of it last night, The Clippers came in with a fresh Patrick Beverly, started the game and didn’t look back. The Clippers took Game 1 120-97, ouch. Jamal Murray scored a low 12 points for the Nuggets, who, was probably still wishing they had an extra day to prepare. He’ll get today off, with Game 2 at 7pm tomorrow. Draft Kings is looking pretty at the Clippers, giving them 8.5 points. Game 3 is set for Monday at 7pm. 

Holy Cow, did you see how awesome the Avs were in Game 6? They worked their way back into this series, albeit battered and bruised.  Game 7 is today at 2pm. Early game, get hype and get ready to see them survive and advance in this win or go home match. Draft Kings believes in the Avs, giving them a 1.5 score win.  

The Rockies are going to keep crawling along to a wildcard spot if they’re lucky. It doesn’t seem like many other teams want one of the 4 playoff spots still available(I’m looking at you, STL). As I’ve mentioned until my head explodes, they’ll have an opportunity at a Wildcard, there is plenty of time, but they need to get, I wouldn’t say HOT, but, at least Luke Warm to keep it up.   

No matter how you look at it, we have a weekend full of sports and man, isn’t that the best thing we could ask for with how 2020 has been? Don't forget the Kentucky Derby is happening, we can bet on the ponies. 

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