Don't believe everything you read online. In today's misinformation age, satirical sites like The Onion dupe gullible readers into believing "fake news" every week. Luckily, if you're in on the joke, the reactions can be hilarious.

Recently, a site called Real News Right Now published a lampoon titled "Saudi Billionaire Begins Construction of Western Mecca in Wyoming."  The report cites a fictitious Sheikh who recently purchased the actual town of Buford, Wyo., and is now planning to build the largest mosque in the western hemisphere.

The story's premise gets even more ridiculous, mentioning that the construction project will be conducted by the Binladen Group. It goes on to suggest that the property will also include a Chic-Fil-A restaurant.

Clearly nobody is dumb enough to actually believe that, right? Think again.

Oblivious to other fake stories produced by the site, including "Pope Francis: God Has Instructed Me to Revise the Ten Commandments" and "Trump: I Will Absolutely Use A Nuclear Weapon Against ISIS," a small group of outraged idiots voiced their displeasure about the story online.

Here's a few of the comments:

"This is very dangerous and has to be monitored and looked into right now."

"Isn’t that right across I-80 from the Medicine Bow-Routt National Forest? He can’t expand that way. It looks like there are ranches and private properties on the other side. Has he tried to buy these or has he bought them? It’s a nice area, no Muslims, that isn’t densely populated except the traffic on I-80.  It is hard to believe that this would be a site of pilgrimage. Mecca, the Dome of the Rock, Medina…Vedauwoo. It really is God’s country there. It would be a shame to see it defiled."

"Not only should their Mosques (Where they hide their ammo for their terrorists supplies) be shut down, but all the immigrants should be kept away.
EVERYONE knows these people were raised to be lawless and godless, and they dont have anything to stop them from killing all innocents."

"Has the Wyoming government gotten so greedy that they sell American soil to somebody who is going to import an unknown number of Muslims into this country?"

"What do they mean only Muslims are allowed? They would start screaming discrimination if the tables were turned."

After his initial comment, Dave started to question the authenticity of the story. He decided to conduct some research and his findings are listed below:

-The Bin Laden company does not list it as a project site
-I drove by there in November and didn’t see massive construction
-The Medicine Bow National Forest is nearby and would prevent building on that area
-There are probably environmental impact studies and statements that would have to be made, including impacts on the National Forest
-This is not mentioned in the regional media

Way to go, Dave. That's the type of deductive reasoning that is sorely lacking from the comments section of most fake news sites.


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