Pumpkin patches have, for as long as I can remember, been slim pickings here in Cheyenne. Your options tend to be pop-up patches or the grocery store. But for the longest time, our city has lacked the true pumpkin-picking experience. In recent years, local farms have upped the anty and sought to bring the autumnal tradition to Cheyenne.

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This year, Autumn Ferguson and Windy Creek Farms are joining the fray by bringing a Fall-themed bash to Cheyenne residents, complete with locally grown pumpkins and activities. The festival kicks off on October 7 and 8 and will run on the following weekends, ending on October 22.

How to Grow A Family Pumpkin Patch for Cheyenne

For Autumn, the 2023 Autumn Fest marks the culmination of a years-long journey. "It's been a developing thing over the last several years. I love growing whatever I can and have always grown a garden that, for whatever reason, just keeps expanding. My highlight of this really started when my kids were born and began spending a lot of time with me in the garden. It's just such a blessing watching them explore and discover new things. Though the best part for me is them helping me harvest and watching them finally get to pick out their own pumpkins."

Now, she wants to bring that experience to Cheyenne residents. "I've always wanted to do a fun community event on the farm because that's what I grew up doing, and Cheyenne, as far as I've seen, doesn't have a lot of opportunities for that."

Autumn wasn't sure where to start. What began as a daydream quickly grew into a reality. It began with Autumn helping out with the 'Fall on the Farm' event hosted at another Cheyenne farm. "I believed in what they were doing," she explained.

Her pumpkin pursuit turned into a journey of faith and surprising twists.

"I still decided to grow a bunch of pumpkins this year. I meant to sell them to a pumpkin patch event but got nervous when I didn't have the interest right away. So for several months, I prayed heavily for some direction, and I just kept having the urge to go for it and do my own event.  It was a scary thought, but God just kept redirecting me."

After countless hours of praying and hard work on the farm, Autumn Ferguson and their family are ready to open their gates to Cheyenne.

Why Open a Pumpkin Patch in Cheyenne?

I asked Autumn...why a pumpkin patch? Her answer was simple and speaks to a common issue expressed by residents like myself in the Fall...Cheyenne needs a local pumpkin patch. Or, as Autumn told me, she wants to "[provide] a place for families of Cheyenne and its surrounding towns to go that's [a] closer, less of a stressful drive and good affordable fun."

Foreground: Autumn Ferguson w/ a seedling plant. Background: the pumpkin patch growing at Windy Creek Farm. Credit: Autumn Ferguson/Canva Pro
Foreground: Autumn Ferguson w/ a seedling plant. Background: The pumpkin patch growing at Windy Creek Farm.
Credit: Autumn Ferguson/Canva Pro

She also wants to create something not just for her family to enjoy but also something that contributes to Cheyenne and the surrounding communities by supporting Non-Profits and youth groups fundraising at the farm. Her 'pie in the sky' dream is to offer 100% Wyoming-grown pumpkins - and though she may not achieve that goal this year, she plans to continue pursuing it until it happens.

Autumn and Windy Creek Farm are ready to welcome Cheyenne this October. "From our family to yours, we would love to have you and can't wait to see all the enjoyment our pumpkins bring your kiddos!" 

Bring the Family for Fall Fun on the Farm

Windy Creek Farm has a host of fun events and activities planned for its Autumn Fest. Among the offered activities are Pumpkin Patch favorites like a hay maze, a scarecrow dressing contest, and even a little tots pumpkin patch specifically for younger patrons. You may even see a GIANT pumpkin or two while there (perhaps Charlie Brown will pay a visit searching for the Great Pumpkin?)

Yard games, a kiddie train, a bouncy house, bowling, and a pumpkin sling are on the agenda. If you're in the mood for a messy adventure, visit the patch on the last day for a pumpkin smash!

The Autumn Fest will also feature numerous vendors - get your Christmas shopping done early or stock up on your Fall-themed goodies! Here's a list of vendors to expect at the event:

  • Chuck Wagon Cheyenne
  • Altitude Soaps LLC
  • Sunflowers Design
  • PJ Wreaths & More
  • Wild Prairie Creations
  • Creator Created Create
  • Aroma All-Around
  • Mp Creations
  • The Sunflower Shop
  • Clara's Bakery
  • Wild J Trading Hat Bar
  • Atticreations
  • Desarae Mckenzie -Mary Kay
  • Crystal's Creations

How Much Will a Visit to Windy Creek Farm's Autumn Fest Cost?

A primary goal of Autumn and Windy Creek Farm is to create an affordable experience for visitors to the farm. Entry to the farm is by donation only - the suggested fee is $4 a person or $10 a carload. "But," Autumn stressed, "if someone can't do that, that's ok. We want you to come either way and have fun."

Pumpkins from the patch will sell for about $.70 a pound. Participating in the pumpkin slinging is $8 a bucket. As for the pumpkin smash, it's $20 for an adult and $10 for a child 8 years old and under. There is a 10% Veteran and Active Military Discount available (excluding the smash and sling event.) All other activities are free.

Vendor items will vary in price. Cash is encouraged.

Windy Creek Farm Autumn Fest Hours and Info


  • Friday's 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. for any school, daycare, or homeschool that wants to pre-schedule a fun time to enjoy the patch or learn about pumpkins.
  • Saturdays 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (General Public)
  • Sundays 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. (General Public)


3700 Campstool Rd, Cheyenne, WY (about 5 miles past the Historic Hereford Ranch, East of Cheyenne)

Additional Info: 

Visit the Windy Creek Farm Facebook page.

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