If haunted houses don't scare you anymore.  How about 30,000 live bats during the Covid-19 pandemic? That's what you'll find at Lewisburg Haunted Cave, a real limestone cave near Dayton, Ohio that's also a prime bat habitat.

Some people love to have the snot scared out of them every Halloween as they walk through a Haunted House.  You have the usual suspects like a man in a hockey mask and a loud chainsaw with no chain.  Then there are the rooms that randomly start rocking side to side.  But if the usual Haunted House scares are no longer doing the trick, how about going 80 feet under the ground into a terrifying bat cave?

OK, let's address the elephant in the cave.  When Covid-19 first became a part of the consciousness of the world, we all heard that humans got the virus from bats.  Is that true?  The Associated Press broke down a recent study from the World Health Organization on the origin of Covid-19 and its connection to bats.

A joint World Health Organization-China study on the origins of COVID-19 says that transmission of the virus from bats to humans through another animal is the most likely scenario and that a lab leak is “extremely unlikely."

The study says that it is very likely the virus was spread to humans through other animals that contracted it from bats.  It is less likely that it was directly spread from bats to humans.

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If I understand that info correctly, you will more than likely not catch the pandemic from one of these 30,000 bats.  However, if you're afraid of catching a virus from the bats, then I guess the Haunted Cave has done its job.  Get more info on this underground haunted attraction by clicking here.

Here's a little peek into The Lewisburg Haunted Cave that I found on YouTube:


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