This is something that gets me excited. I moved to Cheyenne during the Tiger King portion of the pandemic, so Old Colorado Brewing Company was already closed when my wife and I relocated. I've been waiting patiently for them to reopen since moving here and learning all the breweries between here and Denver. There's a lot. Duh. Wellington had two solid breweries running when we moved here, we go to Soul Squared a couple times a month, and they're at least tied as my favorite brewery that I've gone to since moving out West.

So, as I've kept an eye on social media for the past year and a half, it's become clear that Old Colorado Brewing Company was finally going to get it's chance to reopen with the opening of a new BBQ place opening up in Downtown Wellington called The BBQ Love Shack. Being a Kentuckian, I'm in love with BBQ, and very tough on what is served to me with that name. It's looking like they're doing BBQ right, so I'm excited to try their take on my favorite.

Anyways, with the wheels in motion, it's looking like this Saturday, Old Colorado Brewing Company will have it's reopening time to shine. With the amount of time that they have been operating, overall, they're kind of like the Godfathers of Northern Colorado craft beer, opening in 1989. So, they've got some legs in the craft beer game.

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Their reopening celebration is set to happen Saturday, kicking off at 10am, with them serving beer and The BBQ Love Shack slinging some BBQ. They'll also have some live music starting at 11. So, if you're planning the trip south Saturday to escape the end of Cheyenne Frontier Days, this seems to be the spot.



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