Cheyenne, WY gets a lot of visitors from all over, but you definitely don't expect someone from across the pond to randomly show up in the capital city, let alone a Spice Girl. That happened this week and they did a fantastic job keeping it low key. It's as if no one knew about it. Fortunately, social media exists so once the Internet knows, everyone knows.

The popular UK publication, 'The Daily Mail' which posts daily stories about celebrities even knew about this one before anyone in Cheyenne did it appears. But for at least a brief time, we had one of the five Spice Girls in our very presence here in the capital city and there are definitely pics to prove it.

Mel B (aka Scary Spice) of the Spice Girls was in Cheyenne earlier this week. From the looks of it, they were doing some shopping downtown. Actress Emily Atack (NOT actually Baby Spice) was with Mel B as those two are in the western region of the U.S. to film a new show for BBC Two, called 'Trailblazers'.

According to the 'The Daily Mail', Mel B and Atack are also with comedian Ruby Wax to film a feature that provides background on 19th century female traveler Isabella Bird. Mel B posted on Instagram with the three of them posing.

Mel B even looks like she's doing her best at experiencing the western culture with another post.

As for Atack, she quickly caught on that it's crazy windy in the capital city.

And if you click through her several pics on Instagram, you'll notice the several spots that Atack explored while in Cheyenne, which not only includes the wind, but also Cheyenne's construction, The Albany, and Little America.

Mel B, Atack, and Wax will be using Isabella Bird's book 'A Lady's Life in the Rocky Mountains' as a sort of guide to make their way through the Rocky Mountains themselves as they honor Bird's journey throughout the west, according to 'The Daily Mail.'

It seems that sometimes in Cheyenne, even at its windiest, you never know who you will run into in Wyoming's capital city.

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