OK, first, let’s breathe. That’s something we’ve had to get used to in the new world that has been bred by Covid:19. Just, stop and breathe. Now that we have that out of the way, it was announced yesterday that Wyoming Football will likely keep its stadium at quarter capacity. That’s not necessarily a bad thing.  

I know, we all want to be crammed into War Memorial Stadium, screaming and cheering on the Pokes. I get it. We just want normalcy and to do what we’ve always done come fall. It’s just different this year, and as much as we want to dig our heels in and ignore it, we can’t.  

So, the idea that they’re even working with health officials to limit the stadium is really exciting compared to the narrative of what we could see. It’s a GOOD sign. That means, they’re working on taking the steps to make sure we get football, and that is what we want to see with the current climate.  

Personally, I’ve been watching Major League Baseball games without fans and it doesn’t really matter in viewing on television, so having a fraction-ed number of fans is pretty cool to me. Sure, it was awkward at first, but I’ll take getting to watch it. 

The news that they’re willing to limit fans is a silver lining. Even if they rebuke their plan and go with no fans, I’m telling you, it’s a hundred times better than the alternative, which is no football in the fall. We don’t deserve that. So, while it’s an unpopular opinion, we should be somewhat excited in the prospects that we’ll all don the Brown and Gold...in a socially distant manner this year. Go Pokes! 

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