Ozzy Osbourne became a huge television star between celebrated stints in Black Sabbath – and some of what aired was pretty insane. The below gallery of Ozzy Osbourne's 10 Craziest TV Moments celebrates that era.

Osbourne got back with his old band following a ratings-rich 2002-05 run as the star of MTV’s The Osbournes, which turned the singer and his eccentric family into media darlings. Osbourne showed up at awards ceremonies and on The Simpsons, while daughter Kelly started her own music career.

But Osbourne emerged from the period eager to get back to basics, and the resulting Black Sabbath album, 13 – his first with the band since 1978 – became their first-ever No. 1 album in the U.S. Ozzy seemed ready to put TV behind him.

"Of course, I regret doing the f---ing show,” Osbourne said in 2013. “I didn’t want to be on f---ing television. I didn’t become a f---ing rock ‘n’ roll singer to read the f—ing weather forecast, know what I mean? it’s part of the reason I wanted to come back. This album pisses on all that."

With a bankable TV star like Osbourne on the roster, however, it would have been foolish for Black Sabbath not to leverage his celebrity at some point – and they did, in the run up to the release of 13. That appearance makes our list of Ozzy Osbourne's 10 Craziest TV Moments too.

In between, there's more than a fair share of cursing, fights with neighbors, incontinent canines and an incident where something – no, not a bat – gets its head bitten off. Check it all out below.

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