It's another week and we have a full list of new potential family members. Come on, you know you want to check them out. The Cheyenne Animal Shelter is doing great work to find homes for tons of animals while we're facing the on going effects of Covid:19. So, let's find homes for these guys.


Cheyenne Animal Shelter

The Dutchess is here! Check out this baby, looks so happy and ready to go home with you.


Cheyenne Animal Shelter

Rocky looks like one of those great cartoon dogs that would have a heavy, breathy laugh after making a bad joke. Bet he'd look good in a hat.


Cheyenne Animal Shelter

Just look at that face! How can you say no to it! So cute! I hope my wife isn't reading, we don't need a third dog...or do we? Someone adopt Walle, please.


Cheyenne Animal Shelter

Calie looks to be the coolest of cats and kittens. We have an orange cat like Calie, they could be siblings. Calie also has a Garfield look, so, plan your Lasagna night accordingly and adopt Calie.


Cheyenne Animal Shelter

What a good looking cat?! Kremmerer should be in Hollywood with those good looks and that dramatic stare. But, could also be in your home. That sounds like a better spot.

Ace Gato

Cheyenne Animal Shelter

Black cats are the best! Especially now, it's the perfect time to bring home a black cat. Look how pretty he is!

If you're interested in any of the pets of the week, or want to check out more, contact the Cheyenne Animal Shelter.

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