As we inch closer to the holidays and you're thinking that you could add a new furry friend to your family, don't forget to check out these babies that are looking for a home. Adopt, don't shop! Check out what the Cheyenne Animal Shelter has to offer.

Here are this week's Pets Of The Week


Cheyenne Animal Shelter

Babka is so pretty! I bet zoomies would be under Babka's dating profile, if you love a pretty dog and zoomies, here you go!

Cheyenne Animal Shelter

The Dutchess is here! Check out this baby, looks so happy and ready to go home with you.


Cheyenne Animal Shelter

If the Dutchess wasn't enough royalty, how about the Queen or Queenie?


Cheyenne Animal Shelter

Wisp puts the cool cat in cool cats and kittens.


You can't tell me this is a different cat from Homeward Bound? It looks just like Sassy! Maybe they're cousins, maybe siblings, but if you're on an incredible journey, maybe, just maybe, Strigol will have what it takes to get you home. You just need to take them home first.


Cheyenne Animal Shelter

What a good looking cat? We have an orange cat at home, so I have a soft spot for these guys. I bet they'd do really well on a lap or in some sunshine.

If you're interested in any of these pets of the week, make sure to reach out to the Cheyenne Animal Shelter. Don't forget about photos with Santa.

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