The new Cheyenne Botanic Gardens Conservatory is slated to open August 14, 2017.

For those who attended this year's Superday, there was a chance to take a tour of the new building and see some of the progress that the city has been working toward. The guided tours took groups through various rooms to get a sneak peek at the building's features.

The conservatory will feature several areas of plant life. In addition, the building will house classrooms, meeting rooms and even a wedding preparation room to host local weddings.

The classrooms will be available for education to students of all ages. It will include projection microscopes to aid students who are investigating pollens and microbes. The Kiwanis Club donated a periscope that actually saw that is capable of viewing large distances across the city and beyond.

Some rooms will be available to the public and local businesses for event and meeting rentals. The conservatory will include a kitchen and a wedding preparation area for large events. The revenue from the activity spaces is expected to reduce the need for tax dollars by the location.

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