Election Day is one day away, Nov 8, and people are heading to the polls to make their voices heard. But did political yard signs have anything to do with their decision?

We recently took an unscientific poll among are 3 radio stations, to see if political yard signs and billboards made in difference in the way they voted. It was a pretty interesting find, to say the least.

Almost 90 percent of those who took the poll stated that political signs did not sway the way they voted on Election Day.

Some of the comments made from pollsters were very informative, in that it shared what they really thought about the litter of political signs throughout the Capital City.

One pollster wrote, "They (political yard signs) help identify which of my neighbors are morons."

Another pollster wrote, "It helps conversation with people who have political signs", while yet another wrote, "Signs put names in your memory, so they're the names that stand out on the ballot."

Thank you for the interesting feedback, which makes for some great discussion. I think the bottom line is that candidates use political signs to help market themselves to get your vote.

Whatever you opinion, be sure to get out and vote on Nov. 8, 2016 and take someone with you. Happy voting!