Public health officials in Colorado are investigating a possible case of deadly coronavirus, but they say the health risk to the general public is still considered low.

The possible case involves a person with a history of travel to Wuhan, China, where the virus was first identified. The virus has claimed at least 41 lives in China, with all but three of those deaths in Wuhan.

"We are working with Centura - St. Anthony Hospital in Lakewood to investigate," the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment said Friday afternoon.

"Upon the patient's arrival, the hospital took all precautions recommended by CDC. These included that the patient wear a mask and be placed in an isolation unit as a precautionary measure until diagnosis," the department said.

Results from the CDC to determine whether it is a confirmed case of coronavirus will not be available for several days, according to the department.

The total number of confirmed cases has surpassed 1,370, mostly in China. Some 35 million people in 13 Chinese cities are under travel restrictions in an effort to stem the spread of the illness.

Two cases of coronavirus have been confirmed in the United States, in Washington State and Chicago.

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