A little after 5:00 this morning the lights flickered on the 3rd floor of ANB building at Capitol and 20th in downtown Cheyenne. Then we discovered that some lights were on and others off. That also went for the gear in the various studios for 101-9 KINGfm, 106.3 Cowboy Country and 650 KGAB.

A call to our building maintenance guy got him up and on his way in. Later he said it was a problem "outside the building" and something about 2 of the 3 phase power something something something.... Other buildings were also affected.

In short, we were off the air for a while, but were able to get back up thanks to our engineer Matt who was working at the pictured rack of gear, but refused to have his picture taken. I suspect he may be a vampire and has issues with cameras.....

So that's how we started our day here, and we just thought you should know. I suspect it all had something to do with a lightning strike from that heavy storm that rolled through last night, but we'll let you know more as we do.

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