There is construction happening all over Cheyenne! As it seems that fall is construction season this year, there are closed lanes and streets all over downtown Cheyenne and the rest of the city. However, one of the big ones in south Cheyenne just opened up. Could we be finally seeing the end of construction season?

As the colder snowy months are approaching fast, we all knew it had to end sooner than later, right? Hopefully?

While downtown Cheyenne still has a ways to go as several lanes are closed on streets throughout the area, it leaves a slow zig-zag through much of the ongoing construction that hopefully has an end in sight. But the big reopening of one road came south of downtown.

The intersection on the west side of I-180 and 5th street is finally open once again.

While this doesn't affect all of Cheyenne, the south siders certainly have one less thing to impede their commutes, especially all the people that live to the west of I-180. Here's a look at what the construction previously looked like...

I-180 & 5th Street Construction in Cheyenne

However, all of that is now GONE! You can now proceed through that very intersection as you could previously. It turns out the construction just needed a few weeks before it was back to its normal self, with a few nice renovations made. Here's what it looks like now...

Now that this has gotten taken care off, can we please clean up everything downtown? Or perhaps whatever's going on with the 8th street intersections? Just an idea? But great job on I-180 and 5th Street in Cheyenne!

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