Now, we're a little over two months before the kickoff of the football season and even more before we get to pack the Dome of Doom, but, we can still take our shots at Boise, and really just help their fanbase out.

I mean, this is simple geography, really. When you look at a map of the United States, it really shows that our rivals to the west in Boise are really clueless and you know, it's not totally their fault. They've been taught poorly for years. They have real-life professors teaching them various things and you'd think that they would have a department that would be able to help them out with a glaring issue.

Boise is not a state. It's a city in Idaho. There, it's out in the open.

It's so obvious that it's even a chant from the student section at Wyoming home games against the misguided university. Here, check out what I mean. Also, disregard the birds flying in the background. They're NSFW, clearly. So, you'll want to tilt your phone or computer away from your coworker.

I mean, if they keep chanting it, maybe they'll figure it out? Also, maybe they'll change their name to Boise University of Idaho or something like that, if that name isn't taken already. Also, let's go ahead and change the bronco to a potato. The Boise University Taters? I think we're on to something.

Now, if you're a fan of Boise St. and you're beside yourself in anger, let's take a look at a map.


See, it's pretty clear. If you look at the top, it clearly had "Idaho" dropped across the state. When you look where the pin is, where it says "Boise" that means it's a city in Idaho.

I'm glad we were able to clear this up. Hopefully, going forward, the Boise University Taters can figure their lives out now.

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