There have been several noteworthy wild animal sightings in Colorado lately. A moose in a Vail parking garage, a rescued baby owl, a hawk versus eagle fight, and tons more. Recently a woman in Elizabeth, Colorado caught footage of what appears to be a rare black fox. The video shows a fast black blob with a long tail.

In May Colorado Parks and Wildlife captured two of these rare foxes in Canon City. They said the "red fox rarely are cross, silver or black." So, they are red fox, with darker coloring. Cool! I saw a black fox years ago near Masonville and people have always assumed I was seeing things. Nice to know, I'm not alone.

The woman who posted this video said "this little fellow has been out and about during the day. Looks young and skinny. If he fattens up he would be a pretty boy but until then, watch out for your critters." Many of the comments to follow were of neighbors who had lost chickens to this fellow.

According to Colorado Parks & Wildlife, it can be hard to distinguish the sound of a red fox as their "screeching yowls that are often reported as a domestic catfight or a mountain lion screaming. Barking and yipping are also common, especially if pups are present. Although fox do howl, the sound is quite different from coyote and wolf howling."

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