If you've ever tried to plug in a phone charger from behind a couch before, with only a couple of inches of room, you can totally relate to the struggle. If you're a fellow iPhone user, you'll understand even more (because of the awkward "boxy" bricks of the wall charger).

There's no better way to illustrate the struggle than by using "the child", more colloquial known as "Baby Yoda" (I wouldn't spoil his real name, just in case your behind in binge watching the latest episodes of The Mandolorian). This short, 23-second video, shows just how much of a pain in the tailpipe it is to plug in a wall charger with a limited amount of room.

While the comedy factor of this video is on point, every Star Wars fan, at some point in their life, has wished they could control "The Force". It's a pretty safe bet that no one has ever thought to use it to perform such a mundane task as this before.

Regardless, this video is both funny as hell and on point. It's also cute as button.

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