There are no limits to what you can rent out these days.

AirBnB has sure changed the world, hasn't it? Whoever thought that renting out pool houses, guest rooms, or even just a couch to a stranger would be a good idea? I heard on a podcast once that AirBnB started when people needed a place to sleep during the Democratic National Convention in San Francisco and a couple of entrepreneurs thought, "let's have people pay us to sleep at our apartment and we'll buy a bunch of cereal for breakfast."

It worked.

And now it's sparked other apps that not only have a similar rentals, but also use the same concept of personal and private rentals. I recently discovered two apps that could help you bring in some extra cash. Well, that is, if you have something people would pay money to use.


The first app is Swimply and it's based solely on swimming pools. Now, backyard pools may not be as common in our area as maybe a warmer state like Texas, but they do exist. And I don't know about you, but I love a pool option to survive the heat of summer. Maybe their scarcity would allow you to charge more for the rental! Most pools I've seen online in other states rent for about $15/per hour.

It doesn't look like there are any rentals available in our state at this time, but keep checking back.


If you've got a space that sparks joy, rent it out! Joyspace focuses on the cool amenities you have at your house. Perhaps you have a hot tub, a fancy gym setup, a tennis court or basketball court. Heck, if you have a backyard that only dreams are made of, you could rend that out. There's even an option for docked boats. Basically, if you have something at your home that many people don't, you can make some money.

It doesn't look like there are any rentals available in our state at this time, but you can get on the waitlist.

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