Are you braving the land we call "Returnland" today at the mall or big box stores? Christmas has passed, and now comes retailers' last chance to make the mark for the holiday shopping period.

With deeply discounted post-Christmas sales and dreaded return lines, the day after Christmas has arrived. But really? I haven't seen return lines look like Armageddon. We have this picture in our heads of the long lines and slow clerks, but it really moves pretty quick.

To make it move quicker, have your receipt/gift receipt at hand (good gift givers will give it to you if they think there might be a problem with it). Be prepared to be offered a gift card in exchange. Stores are less prone to offer cash since it's most likely not the original form of payment.

Have fun with the process and plan to be out most of the day today. In the words of our 106.3 Cowboy Country DJ Teri Landreth: See you in the return lines.