Rob Zombie's love of The Munsters is well documented. One of his biggest hits is "Dragula," which was named after Grandpa Munster's dragster on the '60s era series. And these days, Zombie is living out the dream going to work daily in sets built to reflect the neighborhood of the original series as he puts together a modern-era film version of The Munsters.

Zombie has been very forthcoming with looks at the sets, details about casting and showing off some props while filming has been going on, but in one of his most recent postings, he's actually shared visual film footage of what it's like walking the streets of Mockingbird Lane on the set that he had created in Budapest.

"Walking to work. I think I’m a little early. The Mockingbird Lane gang must still be sleeping," commented Zombie, with the hashtags #robzombie #themunsters #budapest, as seen below.

Zombie was initially rumored to be rebooting The Munsters franchise in April of 2021, with the director officially coming on board as of June of 2021. Within the first month, Zombie started building his replica of The Munsters house and by September of 2021, a good portion of the exteriors for Mockingbird Lane were built.

As for the interiors, Zombie showcased a bit of what it looks like inside The Munsters 1313 Mockingbird Lane residence with full set dressings in March of this year.

In March, Zombie's version of The Munsters received a PG rating from the Motion Picture Association and early reports are that the film is nearly three hours long.

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