It's not easy growing up as the son or daughter of a famous musician. While most of us might envy the fame, fortune and straight-up instant cred that comes with being the offspring of a rock star, it comes with downside, too. The spotlight and media scrutiny, the pressures to live up to your mom or dad's career, and even the wild lifestyles of your parents can take a heavy toll.

We've grown up watching a lot of these kids grow up, too. More so than ever, we've gotten a bird's eye view into their personal lives with the heyday of reality shows such as The Osbournes, Meet The Barkers, and Growing Up Twisted. Some adjusted better than othersCan you imagine if the world got to see what your family was like on the daily, warts and all? (Granted, many of our shows would have been cancelled right after the pilot... due to lack of interest.)

Now many of the musically-anointed heirs are all grown up now, some with kids of their own. Here's a look into how the Kellys and Jacks, the Landons and Alabamas, and the Dylans and Brandons are doing now.

Rock Star Kids Then and Now

Photos of famous children of musicians. What are they doing now?


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