Last night's Cheyenne Frontier Days concert made history. It was the first time a Cheyenne resident headlined the Frontier Nights stage and the first time a Key to the City was given to a performer at a CFD Frontier Nights concert.

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Cheyenne Frontier Days is no stranger to welcoming Rock artists to the stage. For years, headbanging bands like KISS and Nickleback (2018) have brought their flair to the Daddy of 'Em All.

But few - if any - have brought as much heat and adrenaline as Ivan Moody did last night, July 26, when Five Finger Death Punch hit the Frontier Nights stage. Video footage from the show can't do it justice - the air, as a friend of mine described it - was electric.

Perhaps it was because (checks notes) a Cheyenne resident was headlining the stage for the first time. Cheyenne Frontier Days has welcomed many Wyoming singers to the stage, including Ian Munsick, Chris LeDoux, Ned LeDoux, and Chancey Williams (to name a few.) But none have called Cheyenne home.

At least, not until Ivan Moody conquered the Frontier Nights stage.

Ivan officially announced his move to Cheyenne resident status in June of this year. The rockstar has recently opened two businesses in the capital city.

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The first, Moody's Rock Stop, is a rock-themed gas station designed for "everyday recharging" and serves as a mini-museum of 5FDP's many accomplishments - the walls are covered in band memorabilia.

The second, Ciara Coral, is a testament to Ivan's mission to broaden mental health awareness and support those struggling with mental illness. Ciara Coral is an intensive outpatient facility that treats addiction and mental health.

It is for Ivan's dedication to improving the Cheyenne community that he received the Key to the City at last night's concert.


Ivan Moody Receives Key to Cheyenne From Mayor Patrick Collins

Mayor Collins joined Ivan Moody and the rest of Five Finger Death Punch on stage was a shock to many. It was reported that Ivan would receive the Key to Cheyenne sometime after the singer announced his residency in Cheyenne, but the date had never formally been declared to the public.

Mayor Collins presented the Key to the City for "support of the Cheyenne Community." Collins handed Ivan the Key before receiving a massive hug from the 5FDP frontman. Check out the footage below of Ivan reacting to the award (note, this was a rock show, and footage may contain colorful language.)

"The greatest part about Cheyenne? There's no division. And at a Five Finger Death Punch show, we share that [explective] concept. Because here, there is no left, and there is no right. Here, at a 5FDP show, there is only bad company."

Fans React to the Five Finger Death Punch Show & Ivan Receiving the Key to Cheyenne

"It was frickin' awesome. Ivan totally deserves the Key to the City. He is really trying to help and improve Cheyenne. It was pretty cool to see the Mayor give Ivan the Key." - Haley C.

"I think that all he's done to advocate and help improve mental health is a big achievement. So I believe that he was a great candidate to receive this award." - Javen W.

In footage captured at the show, you can hear fans supporting Ivan in the background. In the words of Nicole, "It was 'horns up' and hugs." She gave the experience a five-star review, saying that even in the mosh pit, folks were helping each other up when they slipped in the mud. "People were thrilled to have Ivan love on Cheyenne so much. There were many service members in the crowd, and Ivan was giving lots of shout-outs to them. The crowd's reaction to their [the band's] support was great. People around them would high-five them, hug them, and thank them."

Should More Diverse-Genre Bands Come to Cheyenne Frontier Days?

Cheyenne Frontier Days will always primarily celebrate Western life, and country music goes hand-in-hand with that. But in recent years, CFD has branched out and welcomed Pop, Rap, and Rock artists to Frontier Nights. Should they continue that trend? Fans seem in support of diversity.

One concertgoer described his experience at the concert and his shock that 5FDP played CFD: "So, I personally was surprised when they announced the lineup for this concert. Papa Roach and 5FDP are two of my favorite bands. I'm not a big country fan. Compared to the country concerts I've attended at CFD, I think one of the biggest differences is that these two groups had a lot more audience involvement in their music. Sometimes, with country artists, it feels like they just come and play their music, but they don't always perform. It seems that when CFD includes bands/artists that are from different genres, like 5FDP or even Post Malone, a few years ago that they seem to be some of the most highly attended events. Hard Rock is the genre of music I love the most, and I would love to see more bands from the genre, and based on the audience reaction at the concert, so would other attendees at CFD." - Javen W.

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