We'll go ahead and add this one to the burn book that is 2020. You know, the burn book that Regina George had in Mean Girls, just her inherent screaming before writing is how I feel about most things Covid. The Downtown Development Authority has unfortunately had to cancel the Running Of The Santas 0.5k due to the rising number of Covid cases and the safety of everyone.

This one hurts a little. I was looking forward to making a normal pace down the street and enjoy the beer walk. I totally understand why they're doing it, its just heartbreaking. Here is the thing to remember, please don't comment about how "dumb" this is. It isn't. The DDA is truly trying to keep everyone safe, under the circumstances. I know it may not seem like much, but, 2021 Running Of The Santas 0.5k will probably be crazy awesome. The DDA does so much for the community, you can't blame them for having to take a step back with this. They've done an awesome job under the circumstances all year and we really need to thank them for all the awesome things they do.

With all the advancements in fighting the virus, we should have a slow start to a normal and FUN 2021. So, don't bury your ugly Christmas sweater too deep, keep that Santa hat handy, 2021 is going to be the best year since 2020.


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