You’re getting your Spring cleaning on and tossing some things in the trash, donating other things and then there are the nasty household Hazardous Wastes (HHW) items like pesticides, motor oil, antifreeze, solvents, oil-based paint, common household cleaners and items that are ignitable, corrosive, toxic, or poisonous materials, e-waste and other items. What do you do with them?

Don’t toss it in the trash. Starting Saturday, April 1, Cheyenne’s Household Hazardous Waste Facility will be open at 220 North College Drive through mid-November.

The City will not accept latex paint because it is not considered hazardous waste. To dispose of latex paint, open the can, let it dry hard, replace the lid, and then dispose in your regular trash. If there is more than half a gallon of latex paint, dump cat litter into the can. Latex paint can be tossed into the regular trash.

Nuclear waste? You're on your own.

Drop-off is free for Cheyenne residents.

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