This is probably one of the trickiest and dastardly scams out there. The scammers want you to say "yes", so they can record it, and here's how they'll get you to do it.

You may not think anything of it because we've had friends and family ask, "Can you hear me ok?" on your cell phone. The scammers are taking advantage of this way of getting you to answer 'yes.'

What the scammers are doing is recording your voice saying 'yes' and then using that to say that you agreed with something. They are misusing your voice to try and get what they want, illegally.

After you say yes, they may ask you press a button on your phone to 'verify' whether or not you are on the 'No Call List.' This is a way for the criminals to find out if the number they called is an active line.


Should you receive a call like this, don't answer, don't press any buttons on your phone and hang up quick. Especially if you don't know the phone number or the caller.

Other tricky ways they may try and get you to answer 'yes' are:

  • Are you the household bill payer?
  • Are you the man of the house?
  • Can you hear me?
  • Do you own your home?

I think you get the idea. This is a very tricky way for the scammers to record your voice giving an ok that you won't be ok with. Be careful and talk to your friends, neighbors and elderly folks, so they'll not be the next victim.


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