Sebastian Bach took a light-hearted dig at Skid Row's struggles to maintain a lasting lineup as he discussed his next album.

He’s been working on the follow-up to 2014’s Give 'Em Hell for several years, during which time his former band have changed singer three times. Johnny Solinger, who replaced Bach in 1999, departed in 2015, Tony Harnell took the role for less than a year before ZP Theart joined and Erik Gronwall became the latest vocalist earlier this year.

"I have a new record label and we're putting out a new record very soon," Back said in a recent episode of I Am All in With Scott Patterson. "I'm not supposed to say this stuff [but] I've been working on music since two Skid Row singers ago!"

Turning to why the project was taking so long, he commented: "[Y]ou have to figure out a way to cut through the clutter, because everybody and their cousin puts out an album or has a YouTube page. A long time ago, there used to be record companies that you had to be good to get signed [to]. Not just anybody could put out records – it was a privilege and you had to work for it."

Now, he argued, "you can be a wrestler and then just wake up the next day and go, 'I'm gonna be a rocker,' ... you just walk in there and waffle out some half-ass take and then fix it up on a laptop."

Bach continued: "[A]lbums that are big now, they have such a long setup time. An artist will put out three or four songs, or three or four videos even before the album comes out. So it's this big plan. ... So, that's very boring, but that's what's happening. We are amassing the plan."

Bach previously reported that he regarded the upcoming album as a companion to his 2007 release Angel Down, and that it features contributions from John 5, Steve Stevens and Orianthi.

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