Lets have a look at how today's cold front moves into Wyoming.

For the visual I'm using and app and a website called WINDY.  Windy is designed to give you a visual on wind, clouds, temperature and waves.

Today's cold front is a dangerous one. It will move slowly into the region.

Temperatures will drop suddenly into the negative numbers.

The following pictures are from the WINDY website and app.

This is what told cold air looked like at 3:30AM Wednesday.

You can see that purple pushing into the northern part of our state.

That's the bitter cold.

attachment-Windy Cold 330am

WINDY has a slide bar that allows you to move forward in time and backward to see what did happen and what is predicted to happen.

Using that slide bar I moved the time up to 8am.

You'll notice on the slide below that the cold wraps around the Bighorn mountains.

That's because this cold is so intense it sinks to the lowest areas. So if you are down low you'll get more cold than if you are up high.

That temperature inversion is typical with fronts like these.

attachment-Windy Cold 8am

By 8am Wednesday morning the cold is below Kaycee and Wright. Casper is about to get it.

Cold cold is is so heavy the wind slows down.

But in the southern parts of Wyoming the wind is howling.

I switched over to see the wind and got this picture from WINDY.

You can see high intensity wind where the front has not yet reached.

attachment-Windy Wind

Back to the temperature, by 2pm the cold has reached Wheatland.

Look at some of those negative numbers. That's quite a drop.

You'll also see the coldest air wrapping around the Laramie mountain range as once again the coldest air sinks and the warmer air is high above.

Because of the mountains Cody and Lander are in bitter cold but the areas to the west are much warmer.

The front is being pushed to one side buy the Rockies.

attachment-Windy Cold 2pm

From here lets just jump forward to 2am Thursday.

Look at those negative numbers in the screen grab below.

This is some serious bitter cold.

Actually dangerous cold.

Anyone and anything that can be brought inside should be.

attachment-Windy Cold 2am Thursday

This system does not stop with us. It's taking over the nation.

It's also doing the same thing on the other side of the globe.

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