Cupid's mailing service is gearing up for another season of heart-filled cards and candy-coated kisses. There's no place busier come February than America's own Sweetheart City. Perhaps you know the city by its other name, too? Does Loveland, Colorado, ring a bell?

About two hours south of Cheyenne, Loveland has become something of a national figure in the Valentine's Day arena. Its name practically radiates red hearts and little cherubs! It helps that for the last 78 years, the Loveland Chamber of Commerce, in partnership with the U.S. Postal Service, has run the 'Sweetheart City Valentine Program.' The program allows Valentine senders from across the globe to send Valentine cards from Loveland's Post Office to be re-mailed to loved ones emblazoned with a stamp from 'Sweetheart City.' It's that special touch to really wow your special someone. You can also choose to purchase a beautiful postcard-style card that says 'Sending Love from Loveland Colorado' (find a photo of it here.)

Fortunately for Laramie County and Albany County residents, we've got easy access to drop-off points in Cheyenne and Laramie. Here's what you need to know:

Drop-Off Locations:

Drop off your Valentine’s card by Feb. 7 at any of these locations to make sure that it gets the Loveland stamp.


  • Clure Brothers Furniture, 509, S. 2nd Street
  • Laramie GM Auto Center, 3600 E. Grand Ave.
  • West Laramie Fly Store, 1657 Snowy Range Road


  • 307 Roots Boutique, 307 ½ Lincolnway
  • Burri Jewelers, 2206 Dell Range, #A
  • Underwood Flowers, 2121 Central Avenue


To mail a Valentine from Cheyenne or Laramie, the cost is only that of postage.

The cost to buy a special Loveland-themed Valentine online is $12.00 per card; pricing includes processing, postage, shipping, and inscribing. Cards can only be mailed to recipients in the US. For more information on purchasing and mailing the cards, visit the Loveland Chamber of Commerce page by clicking here.

Facts About Valentine's Day:

  • The first 'Valentine's Day' occurred in 496 AD when Pope Gelasius marked February 14th as a celebration in honor of the third-century Saint Valentine's martyrdom. (
  • One myth suggests that the phrase 'from your Valentine' came from St. Valentine writing to his love from a jail cell. (History Channel)
  • Valentine's Day coincides with an ancient Roman celebration of fertility called Lupercalia. (Britannica)
  • The cupids or cherubs (baby angels) on Valentine's cards draw their origins from the Greek god of love, Eros. 'Cupid' was the Roman version of Eros. (History Channel)
  • Hallmark estimates over 145 million Valentine's cards are sent annually - surpassed only by Christmas cards. (Hallmark)
  • The average spends about $165 for Valentine's Day. (Hallmark)

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